Wayne Allyn Root: CEO, Entrepreneur, Master Branding Strategist
Former Presidential candidate and Vice Presidential nominee
International Business Speaker
National Best-Selling Author
One of 60 legends inducted into Las Vegas Walk of Stars
Political Commentator and National Media Personality


Wayne has hosted or produced TV Shows on these media

"The things Wayne Root cares about...speak to a lot of Americans."
TIME magazine

"Wayne Allyn Root is a millionaire television host, author, CEO, patriot and risk-taker. For anyone who has met Wayne Allyn Root, it's no surprise that he has propelled himself to the highest echelons of success in the gaming, entertainment, business, political, and publishing worlds. His exuberance, enthusiasm and winning smile speak volumes."
Millionaire magazine

"Wayne Root teaches what being an entrepreneur is all about."
Charles Schwab, Chairman & CEO, The Charles Schwab Company

"At a time of suffocating political correctness and damaging crackpot economic theories...Wayne Allyn Root comes out with both guns blazing! He “gets it” on preserving freedom and enhancing the opportunity to better oneself and to get ahead."
Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief
Forbes Media

"Wayne Allyn Root makes you proud...(Wayne) is Chicken Soup for the Soul..."
The late Jack Kemp
GOP Presidential candidate
1996 GOP Vice Presidential nominee
Secretary of Housing 1989-93
United States Congressman (R-NY) 1971-89

"The good news is in turbulent times there are great opportunities for the thoughtful and prudent investor and businessman...How would I try to protect my assets? I am not an American, but if I were, I would support Wayne Allyn Root as a Presidential candidate."
Marc Faber, Founder of Marc Faber Limited, Hong Kong
Former Managing Partner Drexel Burnham Lambert Ltd.
Fund Manager to Private Wealthy Clientts
CNBC and Bloomberg TV financial expert

"Wayne Allyn Root is the Warren Buffett of his field..."
Jim Cramer, Host
“Mad Money” on CNBC

“You’re a big economics guy, Wayne...”
Sean Hannity (4/1/13)

"Allow me to introduce a man who should be running for President...because he'd be winning...Wayne Allyn Root- one day I look forward to voting for you for President of the United States."
Bill Cunningham, Host, The Bill Cunningham Show on Premiere Radio Network

“We love having you on (as a guest). We should send a copy of your interview to every member of Congress.”
Governor Mike Huckabee, Host "Huckabee" on Fox News, Nationally Syndicated Host of “Mike Huckabee Show”

"Wayne Allyn Root’s (advice) should be required reading in every Business School in America. And Wayne’s wisdom may be even more important to the 100 million or so 'employees' in corporate America hopeful of achieving the 'American Dream'…you can literally feel Wayne's passion and high-octane energy. I am left speechless, except to say, ROOT FOR PRESIDENT."
Ronald L. Loveless
Former Assistant to the President of Wal*Mart
Former Senior V.P., General Manager, Sam's Clubs

“Wayne Allyn Root is charismatic, dynamic, passionate, a great communicator, and presents economic ideas in a simple, easy-to-understand way.”
Mark Skousen, Economist & Economics Professor
Author, "The Making of Modern Economics"

"...There's a new sheriff in town and he's not afraid to speak his mind LOUDLY. Wayne Allyn Root is a living, breathing Capitalist Evangelist. Wayne shows you...how to protect your assets, and prosper... Bravo Wayne!"
Mike Huckabee, 44th Governor of Arkansas
Former Republican Presidential candidate
Host of "Huckabee" on Fox News

“Wayne's success is mind-blowing...talking to Wayne Allyn Root is like talking to Tony Robbins.”
Fox News, Las Vegas

“Wayne Allyn Root is one of my favorite guests..."
Bill Maher, Host
HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher"
Former Host of ABC's "Politically Incorrect"

“I’ve hosted this show for 17 years on radio and 5 years on TV- and in all that time Wayne Root is my favorite guest of all-time.”
Bob Sullivan, Host- Nationally-Syndicated "Big Biz Show"

"Wayne Root is the feistiest opinion-maker and opinion-molder I've ever met in all my years of broadcasting. He electrifies the air across America."
Barry Farber, Named “One of Most Important Radio Hosts of All-Time” by Talkers Magazine, 2002 & 2010. Winner of “Lifetime Radio Achievement Award,” 2012

"If politics is chess, Wayne provides a CHECKMATE against...big government."
Jim DeMint, former United States Senator
President, The Heritage Foundation, Washington D.C.

"...they call Wayne the Capitalist Evangelist."
Peter Schiff, TV Business & Economic Commentator
CEO, Euro Pacific Capital
Best-Selling Author

"Now it’s time for our weekly Wayne Allyn Root segment. I get more listener feedback about Wayne than all my other guests COMBINED. People love you Wayne."
Andy Dean, Host
"America Now with Andy Dean" on Premiere Radio Network

“My favorite guest to talk economics. Do you know how much we love you Wayne?”
Dan Cofall, Host
“Wall Street Shuffle” Dallas, Texas

"Dynamic, charismatic, fearless....Wayne is a media powerhouse about business and economics.”
Rita Cosby, Emmy-Winning TV Host, (Fox News, NBC) "The Rita Cosby Show" WOR Radio, New York

“Wayne is one of my 3 favorite guests of all-time. My 3 favorites all-time are Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Wayne Allyn Root.”
Bill Cunningham, Host of "The Bill Cunningham Show" Premiere Radio Network

“The great American media star. Wayne Allyn Root is the number one political analyst in the USA.
Carl Lamm, North Carolina Broadcaster for 60 years

"Wayne is the Life of the Third Party!"
New York Times

“Listening to Wayne Root is like drinking from a fire hose.”
Barry Farber, Legendary National Radio Host

"Wayne Allyn Root- a Vegas King Gambles on the White House!"
CNN Money

"I want Wayne's opinion on anything and everything financial...Because Wayne is the ORACLE."
Bob “Sully” Sullivan, Host Nationally Syndicated “Big Biz Show”

“Wayne Allyn Root is a Las Vegas legend...”
The Financial Times

“And then something electrifying happens- a man from Las Vegas saunters to the podium. Wayne Allyn Root grabs the mic, and begins to prowl the stage…Root leaves a definite mark.”
New Republic

“I know a thing or two about beating the odds and dreaming big dreams! The movie about my life 'Rudy' has been called one of the great inspirational movies of all time. Wayne Allyn Root is living the American Dream. What a story he has to tell about beating the odds through sheer willpower, tenacity, heart and the quality of RELENTLESS! But more importantly, what priceless wisdom and practical lessons Wayne has to offer to business audiences."
Rudy Ruettiger
Inspiration for Hollywood Blockbuster Movie "Rudy!"
Notre Dame Football Legend
Motivational Speaker & Author

“What Wayne Root wants, Wayne Root gets.”
Reason magazine

“Wayne Allyn Root wants you to be able to become the next Wayne Allyn Root. And you should take him up on it.”
American Spectator magazine

“The Donald Trump of politics and talk radio.”
Andy Dean, Host
America Now with Andy Dean
Premiere Radio Network

“Wayne Root is a patriot. Genius. Entrepreneur. Capitalist Evangelist.”
Jack Abramoff, Host
XM Satellite Radio

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Wayne meeting President George and Laura Bush at the White House
Wayne with "the Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger
Wayne with WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Ron Johnson
Wayne with NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys
Wayne Skiing in his beloved Park City, Utah
Wayne receiving his star on Las Vegas Walk of Stars
Wayne with a replica of his star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars
Wayne waiting to be introduced at UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event
Wayne with fellow keynote speaker Gene Simmons of KISS fame
Wayne with famous Wall Street investment guru Jim Rogers
Wayne with billionaire CEO Steve Forbes of Forbes publishing empire
Wayne with United States Senator Rand Paul
Wayne being introduced at New Orleans Investment Conference
Wayne backstage with former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul
Wayne with author and future GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson
Wayne at New Orleans Investment Conference debating Charles Krauthammer
Wayne addressing Harvard University economics students
Wayne addresses major political event in Palm Beach, Florida
Wayne at press conference after winning Libertarian VP nomination
Wayne addressing political conference in San Diego
Wayne on casual night out with family
Wayne on Safari in Africa
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